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When you invest in your mental fitness, your life transforms.



At Grounding Spot, we believe in the power of transformation through holistic practices that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Our transformative classes are designed to help you access your higher self, cultivate inner peace, and strengthen your mental fitness.


The Art of Living

Unleash your creativity and deepen your self-awareness in The Art of Living class. Through painting and self-awareness exercises, you'll paint a masterpiece of your life's journey while exploring triggers, enhancing present mind awareness, and enjoying sound healing and meditation.


Hypnotic Breath

Hypnotic Breath Explore the depths of your subconscious with our Hypnotic Breath class. Through intense breathwork and resonant sound vibrations, this session guides you into a hypnotic state where you can heal past traumas, manifest intentions, and achieve profound inner peace.


Conscious Journaling

Have you ever written from the depths of your consciousness? This powerful class sets you free from the confines of your ego and allows you to go deep within and discover the power of yourself. 

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I was diagnosed with depression many years ago. I've seen therapist after therapist. I've taken medication after medication. Nothing has been so impactful for me in such a short time as Grounding Spot has.
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