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Combining Ancient Wisdom

with Western Medicine

to maximize mental fitness

Who we are
drives what we do.

If we want to get in shape and build muscle, we know where to go. We go to a gym. There are gyms in every town across the nation. But where do you go if you want to become destress, unwind, regroup, relax and get mentally fit? Grounding Spot is that place. We want to be your place to unwind and thrive no matter where you live. 

We provide a nurturing haven where well-being takes root, offering healthy, organic nourishment for the body and mindful practices for the soul.


Through our commitment to wellness, balance, connection, and authenticity, we aim to inspire and guide our community to lead fulfilling lives, grounded in stability, and flourishing in genuine, lasting well-being.


A simple mission

To be the world leader in mental fitness and help every individual experience joy and fullfilment.

A clear vision

To be the place where everyone comes to thrive.

Our Core Values



Presence – is a state of awareness, consciousness and being present that I am always “at choice”. We practice being present, open, and connected when we engage with others.



Enthusiasm – is a strong excitement or interest in something, often accompanied by eager and active involvement. 



Authenticity – it involves vulnerability, honesty, and responsibility to be your original self. We listen to understand and communicate directly.



Creativity – It involves imagination, inventiveness, and the capacity to see the world in new and different ways. We are constantly looking for ways to innovate our offer, services, and programs.



Excellence - is the commitment to consistently strive for and achieve the highest standards of quality and performance in all endeavors.

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