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Welcome to Grounding Spot, the World's First Mental Fitness Club.

If you want to experience your life like you never have before, come thrive with us. Grounding Spot offers powerful programs, treatments and exercises to help you maximize your mental fitness and access the power within. With guaranteed results, what do you have to lose? Come thrive with us! 

Enjoy stillness, peace, and energy. With improved thought patterns, emotional regulation, and resilience, you'll be free to create a life you choose versus a life from circumstance. Transform stress into stillness. Anxiety into peace. Depression into joy. 

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Take the Journey

The Journey is a 12 Week Program to help you breakthrough limiting beliefs and unleash the power of your fullest potential. Participate in a 1:1 Journey program or in the Group Journey. Joy and satisfaction guaranteed. Schedule a consultation to learn more. 

Choose a Membership That Fits You Best

All memberships include in-person and online classes. With any membership, enjoy unlimited access to our online classes and cancel anytime. If your financial circumstance prevents you from accessing the power of our club, you may apply for scholarships. We are committed that you get the support you need whether you can afford it or not. 


$19 to $399/month


OUR MISSION IS SIMPLE:  Mainstream Mental Fitness

Where do you go when you want to get in shape? There are gyms in every town across the nation. But where do you go if you want to improve your mental fitness? Grounding Spot is that place. Come thrive with us.

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Discover yourself. 
Reinvent yourself. 
Create yourself.

Unwind & Thrive

Welcome to Grounding Spot where you can unwind, thrive and love life. Grounding Spot is the world's first mental fitness club and superfood cafe. Come join our community.  




Through our commitment to wellness, connection, and authenticity, we aim to inspire and guide our community to lead fulfilling lives, grounded in stability, and flourishing in genuine, lasting well-being.

At Grounding Spot, our mission is to empower individuals to thrive in the pursuit of holistic wellness and balanced living.







Meet your featured trainers, coaches, expert meditators and instructors.

Grounding Spot facilitators have a passion for mental health and helping you strengthen your mental fitness. Just as one might work with a trainer to build their physical fitness, you can work with a trainer to build your mental fitness. Trainers specialize in different things. Which trainer is best for you?


Alonso Yabar

Coach & Chief Mental Fitness Officer

With an extensive background in coaching, mindset training, and mental fitness, Alonso leads our mental fitness programs and also coaches members. 


Nancy Gerald

Coach & Chief Community Officer

Nancy specializes in health and nutrition coaching and how what we put in our bodies impacts our mental fitness. 

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Bret Borshell

Coach, Breath Work & Co-Founder

Did you know there are specific types of breath work to help improve certain mental health conditions. Register for a class today!

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