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Grounding Spot

Reduce stress

Enhance mood

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Enhance Mental Resilience

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Increase dopamine

Increase Endorphins

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Feel Better, Perform Better, Recover Faster

The Mental Fitness Sprint

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Boost immune system

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Improve sleep

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Improve Circulation

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Improve recovery

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Reduce soreness

What time should you take a plunge?

Muscle Recovery

Step 1: Cryotherapy right before heat.


Step 3: Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Mental Wellness

Step 2: Hot yoga following cryo.


Step 4: IV Vitamin Therapy 

Mental Fitness Sprint
Benefits mood, mindset, circulation and overall well-being

The Sprint includes Glycocheck analysis, cold/hot texposure with cryo and hot yoga, hyperbaric oxygen treatment and IV therapy to improve circulation, oxygen in your body and brain and the right nurtrients getting to the right places. 

  • Stress Reduction: Cold water exposure triggers a stress response in the body, which, when practiced regularly, can help improve the body's tolerance to stress. Cold therapy has also been linked to reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

  • Mood Enhancement: Cold water immersion can lead to a release of endorphins and other neurotransmitters that improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression.

  • Improved Skin Health: Cold water can tighten the pores, improve skin tone, and even reduce the appearance of skin blemishes.

  • Enhanced Mental Resilience: Regular cold plunges can train your body to tolerate discomfort and build mental resilience, helping you face challenges with a more composed mindset.

  • Improved Circulation: Cold water immersion causes vasoconstriction, where blood vessels temporarily narrow. When you exit the cold water, the blood vessels dilate, leading to improved blood circulation. This can help with overall cardiovascular health and may aid in recovery after exercise.

  • Reduced Muscle Soreness: Cold plunges are often used by athletes to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation after intense workouts or physical activities. The cold temperature helps minimize muscle damage and speeds up recovery.

  • Enhanced Recovery: Cold water immersion can accelerate the recovery process by reducing muscle fatigue and improving the removal of metabolic waste products from the muscles.

  • Pain Relief: The numbing effect of cold water can provide temporary pain relief, making it beneficial for those with chronic pain conditions or injuries.

  • Boosted Immunity: Cold plunges may stimulate the production of white blood cells and enhance the immune system's response to infections.

  • Weight Management: The body burns more calories when exposed to cold temperatures as it works to maintain a stable core body temperature. This can aid in weight management and fat loss.

  • Increased Energy and Alertness: Cold water immersion can increase alertness and energy levels, making it a helpful practice in the morning or after a midday slump.


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