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Experience the Benefits
Breakthroughs in a matter of hours, not weeks, months or years.

Paint Your Masterpiece of Life

Unleash your creativity and deepen your self-awareness in this unique class where painting meets personal growth. Join us for a transformative experience where you will:

  • Paint Your Masterpiece: Express your inner world through art, creating a visual representation of your life's journey.

  • Explore Self-Awareness: Through guided exercises, explore triggers and insights that promote personal growth and understanding.

  • Cultivate Present Mind Awareness: Learn techniques to stay grounded in the present moment, fostering mindfulness and clarity.

  • Experience Sound Healing: Immerse yourself in soothing sounds that enhance relaxation and inner balance.

  • Practice Breath Work and Meditation: Deepen your practice of mindfulness with breathing techniques and guided meditation.


  • Increase your confidence

  • Strengthen emotional regulation

  • Access your peace

  • Observe the observer

  • Breakthrough triggers

  • Have fun


  • Date: Every second Friday of the month

  • Time: 6:00 pm

  • Duration: 120 minutes

  • Investment: $49 per person

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