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World's First Mental Fitness Club

With a mission to mainstream mental fitness, Grounding Spot sets to open May 2024.

Mainstreaming Mental Fitness

Grounding Spot is making it ok to talk about mental health and providing ways to help us thrive mentally and physically.

It's Exactly What the World Needs

Offering a complete one stop shop for your physical and mental well-being, Grounding Spot has it all.

Backed by Science. 

Made by you.

Ground breaking science enabled Grounding Spot to offer effective treatments while individuals go to work on their minds.

A Club for Everyone

Grounding Spot is a place for people to come thrive. There is nothing like it.

Innovative and Powerful.

Finally, we have an awesome place to go and grow mentally. It's powerful for our physical well-being and our mental mindset.

The Happy Place

Grounding Spot plans to partner with Lee County Schools. Kids and staff can thrive at Grounding Spot.

Employers and Grounding Spot Partner

Employers are seeking mental fitness for their employees. Grounding Spot makes new ground.
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